Mixing Technology

Mixing and dispersing products become the processes needed in many industries such as Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Industry, and Food Industry. We have agitators and agitating systems to serve our customers in a variety of applications and scales of production.

We are the exclusive representative of EKATO products from Germany.




The EKATO GROUP is leading in the development and manufacture of industrial agitators, reactors, mechanical seals as well as vacuum process mixers and -dryers for more than 85 years. For the processes of our customers EKATO offers a wide spectrum ranging from engineering services up to process development and process optimization.

Based on a global network of subsidiaries and service centers, EKATO can guarantee the availability and operational reliability of our agitators and processing plants on site.

Areas of applications:

Based on a global network of subsidiaries and service centers, EKATO can guarantee the availability and operational reliability of our agitators and processing plants on site.

Engineering & Consulting:

The life cycle of a process plant starts with the process development, goes through engineering, erection and commissioning and includes finally the maintenance over the full life time. EKATO offers services for all these steps: lab and pilot tests in R&D including flow simulation (CFD) for the design basis and the scale up to the production scale. The Basic Engineering for the main components, i.e. the reactor vessel with its agitator, based on state of the art tools like the Finite Element Analysis. The scope of supply can be extended to the periphery of a reactor or to a turn-key plant including the control system. The planning and implementation of a maintenance concept completes the service package of EKATO.


At EKATO your equipment is in good hands – As an advanced solution provider EKATO offers an enhanced level of service as standard, which is unique in the market for agitating systems:

• assembly, installation and start-up of your new EKATO equipment

• customized solutions for your spare part requirements

• preparation of maintenance schedules, supervision & implementation by our specialized EKATO service staff

• customized training programs


All of these services can be offered as part of a customized service agreement.

Furthermore our services extend to support customers by optimizing the mechanical design to provide both increased reliability and increased efficiency. Process operation can also be evaluated and with the use of new technology, improvements can be realized in your processing time, efficiency, absorbed power and even quality of product. To achieve these improvements we draw on state of the art developments which have been developed with over 85 years experience and R&D in mixing technologies. These proposals are not limited to EKATO equipment. We can also undertake evaluations on competitor equipment, mostly with significant results.

Each service task is documented in our digital machine card. This way the current condition and life cycle can always be displayed and analyzed. This service is free of charge for owners of EKATO equipment.

Developments regarding materials and components (e.g. motors, gearboxes, mechanical seals) are all considered in retrofit programs, for example upgraded spare parts may provide improved energy efficiency or increase the life time of wear parts, etc.

For additional improvement of maintenance efficiency and an increase in operating safety EKATO can offer automation solutions for the monitoring of gearboxes and supply systems.


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Engineering and manufacturing of vacuum mixing and solids processing units.

Vacuum processing units (EKATO UNIMIX)

With the product line UNIMIX, EKATO provides state-of-the-art mixing systems and process plants for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. The scope varies from single units to complete turn-key installations, including full automation and GMP compliant execution. EKATO UNIMIX systems are based on decades of experience and are constantly improved to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demanding requirements.


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Link to UNIMIX: http://www.ekato.com/en/products/process-plants/vacuum-processing-units/

Production mixer UNIMIX SRA (100 – 10,000 liters)

Versatile mixer for the production of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc.


Production mixer UNIMIX SRC (100 – 10,000 liters)

Versatile mixer for the production of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc. with liftable lid


Pilot plant mixer UNIMIX SRT (15 – 70 liters)

Versatile mixer for product and process development (scale-up) and manufacturing of small product batches of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc.


Laboratory mixer UNIMIX LM (3 – 6 liters)

Versatile mixer for product and process development (scale-up) and manufacturing of small product batches of creams, ointments, emulsions, toothpaste, mascara, etc.


Vertical mixers for for solids (EKATO SOLIDMIX)

With the vertical mixer for solids of the SOLIDMIX product line, EKATO SYSTEMS offers customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries a package tailored to their requirements. Typical applications in mixing technology include fine chemicals, pigments, fertilizers, metal powders and polymer additives.


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Link to vertical mixers SOLIDMIX: : http://www.ekato.com/en/products/process-plants/solids-mixer/

Vertical process mixer SOLIDMIX VPM

Vacuum mixer for fluid up to viscous and paste-like product.


Vertical mixer for solids SOLIDMIX VSM

Positive displacement mixer for free-flowing solids / bulk solids.


Vaccuum dryers for for solids (EKATO SOLIDMIX)


The drying of solids is an elementary process step for various productions. In many processes, the mechanical separation of solids by decanter, filter press or centrifuge is followed by a thermal drying step. EKATO SYSTEMS has developed two apparatuses to cover various solids applications.

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Link to vertical mixers SOLIDMIX: http://www.ekato.com/en/products/process-plants/vacuum-dryer/

Vertical process dryer SOLIDMIX VPT

Vacuum contact dryer for fluid up to viscous and paste-like product.


Vertical dryer for solids SOLIDMIX VST

Vacuum contact dryer for free-flowing solids / bulk solids.



Optimized mixing and sealing technology for all process-oriented branches

EKATO Reactor agitators

EKATO HWL, powerful agitators designed according to customer requirements, for extended operating periods and available in all arrangements. EKATO’s reactor agitators are made for high system security, low service requirement and low operating costs.

Lifting and swiveling device for easier and quicker seal removal

YouTube Videos:

Seal removal sideways: https://youtu.be/vGS3tol1jpI

Seal removal to the top: https://youtu.be/iJNYtHIz9Mc

Image Image
EKATO Safety magnetic drive agitators

EKATO ESM, for hermetically sealing the vessel side. Zero-emissions ensured. Therefore particularly suitable for hydrofluoric acid, formalin insecticides, as well as for polymerization, foam breaking and hydrogenation

EKATO Large agitators

for bulk chemical applications with a drive power up to 3 MW

Hydrogenation plants


EKATO specializes in the design and engineering of hydrogenation plant technology, reliable development of a production process, and the mechanical design of hydrogenation plant equipment.


EKATO operates an Hydrogenation Test Center which has been designed to bridge the gap between bench-scale chemistry and commercial manufacturing. The flexible plant concept allows examining and optimizing your hydrogenation process with original raw materials under real operating conditions in pilot scale. The aim is to produce reliable test results for scale-up and development of a production process in an economical and timely fashion. Our engineering teams will apply the obtained knowledge for design of a full-scale hydrogenation plant which is tailored to your specific process requirements. Thus we pave the way for an efficient and risk mitigated investment in the new construction or the rebuilt of a hydrogenation plant.

EKATO Laboratory and Pilot plants ELA


used for process developments in various applications and suitable for EX-proof areas.

ELA 5 is a transportable laboratory plant for the process development of numerous gas-liquid reactions. The plant can be rented for trials at the EKATO laboratories or at your own laboratories.


ELA 50 is a pilot plant installed at the EKATO technology center in a 50 l scale and is preferably used for high-viscous applications. Because of its flexible mixing system, it can be used for a large range of other applications as well. On request, this pilot process plant can be designed and built in different sizes specifically for your requirements.


The EKATO Hydrogenation Test Center HTC is a process development plant in a 60 l scale. It comprises a hydrogenation reactor, a preparation tank for starting or intermediate products, a filtration unit and a filtrate receiver. All vessels are made in Alloy C22 and are equipped with agitators. All units are installed in an EX-proof area and are suitable for operation with flammable liquids and hydrogen.

Hydrogenations can be performed under real production conditions. This provides significant advantages for industrial process development studies: data from trials can be directly used for the design of production-scale hydrogenation units.

Reactor engineering

When it comes to engineering and developing chemical plants, EKATO offers a comprehensive package of services and equipment which is based on stirred processes. Drawing from specific practical knowledge and innovative methods concerning the equipment and plant engineering, EKATO supplies the conceptual design, detailed engineering and planning as well as the procurement and delivery of process plants starting from the basic process idea up to a technically reliable and economically secure solution.



especially developed for process mixing and drying and the perfect basis for optimized processes


YouTube Videos for EKATO Impellers:

EKATO ISOJET: https://youtu.be/CLoGd4vuXoU

EKATO ISOJET B: https://youtu.be/K1LkfOEOa4U

EKATO VISCOPROP: 2-25 https://youtu.be/MDYFBKB8iX8

EKATO VISCOPROP: 4-53: https://youtu.be/qo9qYR5AJkY

EKATO PHASEJET: https://youtu.be/Yeppl9Al0fg

EKATO COMBIJET: https://youtu.be/fIEHyXna3h4

EKATO GASEJET: https://youtu.be/NzBXfPFfd6E

EKATO Mechanical Seals:

Advanced sealing technology for the process industry Own brand EKATO ESD for mechanical seals and supply systems especially developed for mixing applications



Robust, rapidly available customized agitators, mixing technology for cost-effective applications


Industrial agitators EM 2000

The proven industrial agitator EM 2000, suitable for operation with a mechanical seal. Lantern with dual bearing unit and flexible coupling


Side entry agitators ES 2000

The Side entry agitator ES 2000, installed on the side of the vessel jacket. Particularly suitable for storage tanks of all sizes and biofuel applications


The agitator for storage tanks – ES 2000V

Easy seal change without emptying the vessel; disassembly of the drive to maintenance the seal is not necessary.


Agitators of particularly robust design EKATO FD/KD

The durable single agitator EKATO FD, suitable for unpressurized applications


Agitators for small volumes EKATO FGL

Small agitator for small vessels EKATO FGL, suitable for pressurizes up to 7 bar abs.


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