Solid Handling

Bepex, some of the industrial process systems we have developed include

• Polymer systems for coating and heat-treatment of Super Absorbent Polym

• Size reduction equipment for grinding and post-granulation of various materials

• Chemical process equipment for the drying, mixing, and reacting of multiple chemical ingredients

• Dispersion dryers for the drying and cooling of high-value food byproducts

• Food processing equipment used to agglomerate, mix and blend various food ingredients including cottage cheese.

• Flour milling equipment used for the grinding and pasteurization of whole grains

Agglomerating & Compacting

• Turbulizer high shear paddle mixer low-moisture agglomeration and coating.

• MS Roll Compactor for producing hard, dense sheets, granules, or briquettes.

• Flex-O-Mix high-moisture agglomeration for porous and dispersible granules.

• Extrud-O-Mix low pressure extruder for mixing and forming large agglomerates in a single step.

Thermal Processing System

• Torusdisc Paddle Dryer for wet product tempering and wet cake drying.

• Solidaire Thin Film Dryer for cooling, pasteurizing and volatile recovery.

• PCX Dispersion Dryer for flash drying of high-moisture slurries and fibrous materials.

• Thermascrew for thawing of frozen


• Turbulizer high shear paddle mixer for mixing, hydrating and homogenizing.

• Flex-O-Mix for high-moisture addition mixing.

• Extrud-O-Mix low pressure extruder for producing.

• Continuator for high residence time blending.

Size Reduction

• Pulvocron Air Classifying Mill for fine grinding and flash drying.

• RA & RP Disintegrators for grinding, shredding, delumping, or slurries, pastes, liquids and resins.

• Extructor for crushing and grinding of frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials.

• RI Disintegrators for mixing and delumping of slurries, pastes, liquids and resins.

• RH Disintegrators for emulsifying and suspending wet mixtures.

• REH Disintegrators for coarse crushing and fine grinding in a single step.